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Sidewalk Strides Is Up & Running!

As anyone who lives in Druid Hills knows, we are lucky to have so many streets with sidewalks, making our neighborhood a great place for getting outdoors for a walk or a run.  Over time, however, all sidewalks need upkeep, and you'll notice stretches of sidewalk that are broken, crumbled and uneven.  This presents both an aesthetic and, more importantly, a safety hazard. With spring right around the corner, it's a great time to be thinking about sidewalk maintenance.  

What is Sidewalk Strides?
Sidewalk Strides is a matching fund program, available to any homeowner who is a current member of the DHCA. Owners who choose to have their Historic Druid Hills sidewalks repaired can apply to the DHCA for up to $500 in matching funds to have the work done.  

How does it work?
The process is fairly simple.  The homeowner contacts the DHCA by emailing  Just let us know the following:

  • Your address
  • Whether you are in the city or you are in unincorporated Dekalb County
  • The extent of the repairs (replacing the entire sidewalk, repairing several feet, installing a new sidewalk, etc)
  • If possible, send a few pictures of the area

A Druid Hills Civic Association representative will be in touch, and will come by to make a quick visual inspection of the area that will be fixed or replaced. The owner can then arrange with a contractor of their choice to perform the work.  They will supervise the work, and make all financial arrangements and payments to the contractor.  At the end of this process, they simply submit a copy of the bill for the work performed and proof of payment to The DHCA will verify the work has been done, and the reimbursement will then be sent to the owner.

It is strongly recommended that the resident get a permit for the work they will have done, which greatly reduces any liability issues. In DeKalb County, an expedited approval can be obtained by completing a Right of Way Encroachment Permit, which can be found on, and emailing your request to Patrece Keeter ( with the subject line "Druid Hills expedited sidewalk permit".  In the City of Atlanta, contact the Department of Transportation at 404-330-6165.

The DHCA would also greatly appreciate any homeowner who takes advantage of this program allowing us to post a small yard sign indicating the support of the Sidewalk Strides program. The more word we can get out to the neighborhood, the better our sidewalks will be!


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