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Founded in 1938 to preserve the beauty, serenity, and unique heritage of the Druid Hills neighborhood.

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Druid Hills in city of atlanta Landmark District

Homeowners must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for exterior changes to properties in Druid Hills. These include such changes to structures as: additions and enclosures, window and door replacements, porches, decks, new construction, and demolition. Changes to the landscape including fences and walls, driveways and parking pads, and major plantings or tree removal (more than 6 inches caliper) also require a COA.

How to apply in the City of Atlanta: Applications are made to the Atlanta Urban Design Commission (AUDC) in the Office of Planning located in Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Atlanta 30303. Application forms can be downloaded from the AUDC website

Note: There are 4 types of COAs. Type I is for repair and maintenance (no change of materials) and is handled administratively. Type II applies to minor alterations. Type IIA is available for fences and walls as well as certain types of paving not visible from the public right-of-way and is handled administratively. Type III applies to major alterations. Type IV is for demolition.

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Atlanta Landmark District Regulations

DHCA Help Line: Need help with your COA? Not sure how to proceed? The DHCA Landmark District Preservation Committee stands ready to help before you begin the process. E-mail atlantahistoric@druidhills.org


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